Rebecca Harwell: author of speculative fiction

About the Author

Rebecca Harwell grew up in Minnesota and has since lived around the Midwest, which has given her a love of winter and the prairie. She holds a BA in creative writing from Knox College and an MS in library science from Indiana University.


Her writing reflects the comic books, space operas, and high fantasy epics she loves to read. When not writing, Rebecca can be found studying, watching Star Trek reruns, playing with her rabbit, and staging imaginary battles in her head. She remains unconvinced that unicorns aren’t real.


Shadow of the Phoenix, the final book in her YA trilogy Storm's Quarry, will be available in July 2018 from Bold Strokes Books. The Thunderbird Project, a superhero science fiction novel, was published by Bedlam Press, an imprint of Necro Publications, in 2013.